Adult Palliative Care

Adult Palliative Care focuses on achieving the best possible quality of life and preserving dignity by alleviating symptoms associated with a chronic medical condition. Because this level of care is a non-hospice service, adult patients need not have a life-limiting illness.

Palliative care services may be accessed while the patient is undergoing curative or aggressive treatments and can take place at home, or in a clinical setting such as a hospital or skilled nursing center. Consultations may be provided during a single visit or on an ongoing basis and are typically covered by health insurance.

Our palliative care clinician consults with both outpatients and inpatients to

  • Make recommendations for management of distressing symptoms
  • Address goals for chronic medical issues
  • Assist in defining healthcare goals
  • Define care and treatment plans
  • Provide guidance with advance directives and/or advance care planning